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We not only solve your concerns, but we anticipate to them. The secret? to look at legal landscape with a global perspective.

About us

From Madrid, BGCA Law Firm advises and represents clients all over the world, which has made them earned a significant international recognition.


A fter 20 years practicing law in the biggest law firms, like Cuatrecasas, Jorge Hernández Burriel founded BGCA Law Firm in 2012. BGCA Law Firm provides highly specialized services with the guarantee of great technical rigor, in a way which is discreet, reliable and focused on customer satisfaction.

B GCA Law Firm provides the services of a carefully selected team of lawyers led by Jorge Hernández Burriel, whose goal is to put all their knowledge and effort to the service of its customers. BGCA solves by means of law the problems others do not tackle.

B GCA Law Firm offers services of great value, specializing in various areas of law. In particular and especially in conflict resolution and litigation concerning family and inheritance, commercial, corporate or commercial contracting matters.

“We in BGCA Law Firm know that every case, whether personal or business case, requires the best of each of us, so we represent a limited number of customers. We want to ensure that in each case we make our best the get results.”



Teaching as the best way to keep on learning


In BGCA Law Firm, and specially Jorge Hernández Burriel, we make our contribution to improve the legal education of the new generations of graduates and postgraduates as professors in Law Faculties and in master programs for the most prestigious universities and legal education institutions.
Calle Velázquez nº 54 - 2º planta.
28001 Madrid